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What we do At GrassRoots

Education Support Program (ESP):

This program is focused to support the cost of education for children from financially challenged sectors of the Indian society.

Our aim is:

  • To inculcate awareness, self knowledge and career guidance through our Dream By Day Design Your Destiny Workshop, into several corporation schools and not for profit organizations. The aim of the workshop is to implant a sense of self development, work through life with well designed purpose, build a deep rooted longing to create change, get motivated to give back to the society and a drive to work towards betterment of the society.
  • To offer scholarships to support children for their school and college education ensuring that every child is exposed to basic tertiary and higher education despite their physical or financial hurdles.
  • To offer skill enhancement training (Computer Skills, Proficiency in English Speaking and Personality Development Training) to enable them to secure jobs both during their Higher Education as well as after Graduation.
  • To connect the educationally accomplished child with recruitment agencies or offer support with campus placement.

Thus through our ESP program a sponsor can offer support to enable a child not only to reach his destination but also empower the child to be able to sponsor another child.

You can become a sponsor for a child to participate in the DBD DYD Workshop for as little as Rs. 500/-. This goes towards the cost of materials and food required to be provided for the child during the course of the the workshop.

Each One | Support One | To Enable | To Empower | To achieve a Dream

Old Age Support Identification System (OASIS):

In view of the changing socio-economic scenario of our traditional society, the nature and dimensions of needs of different groups have also changed, particularly of the aged. It is not only the destitute who need economic support, love and care, but also a large portion of the economically backward, aged and physically fit require social support, emotional and psychological security and community support for wholesome existence.

The activities of the trust are aimed at serving the old aged poor people and the orphans who are being neglected by our society. This is to provide peaceful and healthy living to those who care at the end of their life now living without food and more importantly without LOVE and CARE. Likewise the neglected children can start their life in the protective hands of the trust to become good citizens in future.

To know more about the home and other activities this trust handles please use the following link:

The maintenance cost for the old age home is nearly Rs. 50,000/- (Rupees Fifty Thousand Only) for the purchase of provisions every month for providing breakfast, Lunch and Dinner daily to the 46 old age inmates and 4 Orphans. Apart from this we would require support for their medications, ambulance, clothing etc.

Healthcare Support Services (HSS):

At GrassRoots is currently associated with Wishing Well Center of Integrated Medicine spearheaded by Dr. Suresh Shottam who is well renowned for bringing together various branches of medicine in an integrative approach to treating major ailments. 

The Integrated Medical Center in Bangalore offers free treatment for cancer patients and heart patients coming from financially challenged backgrounds.

Wishing Well Center offers:

  • Treatment for Cancer, Diabetes, Arthritis, Heart Disease and also mental-health related ailments such as Depression, Bipolar Disorder, and Senile Dementia. 
  • Workshops for Wellness, Stress Management, Peak Performance and Anger Management.
  • Awarness Camps for Wellness and Prevention
  • Therapy to help quit addiction to smoking, alcohol and drugs.

To know more about the clinic and treatment procedures kindly visit the following link: or

Women Empowerment Support & Training (WEST):

At GrassRoots is associated with Touch Of Wellness and Wishing Well Pvt. Ltd. The organizations offer training for skill development and provides employment opportunities for women who have been the unfortunate victims of domestic violence and abuse. With the kind and generous support of our donors At GrassRoots funds this project and also offers scholarships towards the education of their children.

Dr. Manjula's workshop popular Heal Your Life Workshops have offered several women the strength to battle health issues stemming from stress and abuse, with great elegance. 

PAL (Pets Add Life):

At GrassRoots Trust Works with Crimson Chakra and volunteers: Indrajala Moturi and Ashmita Boopathy Moturi who conduct a monthly pet socializing event called PAL at Crimson Chakra, Gandhinagar, Adyar.

As a part of the socializing event PAL also focuses on adoption drives and rescue operations for animals.