At GrassRoots Trust

Connecting Dreams...To Destinations...

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"We welcome you to join hands, to create a society that functions not to distribute favors but to restore dignity" - Team At GrassRoots

At GrassRoots is a Not for Profit Organization based out of India that offers financial aid and support for the following programs:

  • ESP: Education Support Program
  • OASIS: Oldage Support Identification System
  • WEST: Women Empowerment Support and Training
  • HSS: Healthcare Support Services
  • PAL: Pets Add Life 

Each One| Support One | To Enable | To Empower | To achieve a Dream

"We believe that making a difference requires not only intelligent thought but also ACTION; so all our gracious promises could be transformed into realities."

- Team At GrassRoots

How At GrassRoots Works

At GrassRoots aims to not only address the immediate financial challenge but to also empower the addressed individual to be able to enable and support themselves and give back to the society that supported them.