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A Selfless Heart

A selfless heart battled a lifetime with a dream that a day would come when sitting in the arm chair and re-telling tales of glory filled youthful days would be an inspiration to the next generation. A lifetime investment on children as retirement plans would've been perfect but alas! It was forgotten that retirement days would be someone else's busy day and loved one would not have even a second to owe.

As Thomas Grey once quoted:

"Perhaps in this neglected spot is laid

Some heart once pregnant with celestial fire;

Hands that the rod of empire might have swayed

Or waked to ecstasy the living lyre. "


At GrassRoots Trust aims to extend support to provide a peaceful and healthy living with lots of Love and Care to a section of the society that is awaiting to bid a glorious farewell.

"Connecting desperate dignified deeds"

- Team At GrassRoots Trust

Creating 'An Educated Citizenry'

Although we are proud of our country, there have always been moments in our lives when an incident or an experience has made us feel that some aspect of our Indian society could be improved. Be it the roads that are always laid at least 10" less wider than required, the most effective 'under the table' negotiation strategy or the 'Yes Boss' ideology. Be it the pre independence era or decades of post independence hope, it has been a cherished Indian dream to 'move the cheese'
A change with changing times, a revolution to place us in par with the phase of development and the intelligence to cope, to understand and handle this development gracefully requires inculcating 'awareness'.


The skill for intelligent thought, a drive for action and a deep rooted longing for change needs to be implanted in the young minds. The one marvelous medium through which these untainted minds could be tuned to such harmonics - 'EDUCATION'. For a revolution to happen we require 'An Educated Citizenery'.
One small step that we as Global Citizens looking forward for a change could take is, to join hands to form a network that would begin this march towards a more informed and educated world.